A simple API to embed any type of referral program into your app.

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Built for developers

Our goal is to eliminate complexity in order to enable you to create robust, scalable and flexible integrations. Because Virapi is so easy to use you can get up and running in just a couple of minutes.

Powerful, scalable, reliable

Virapi is a project built and mantained by Maître, the leading company in referral marketing. Our infrastructure has been battle-tested with tens of thousands of campaigns and our customers have generated more than 5 million emails.

Extremely flexible

Create any type of referral program, whether it is a traditional refer-a-friend program or a complex viral waiting list - the only limit is your imagination. Think "Stripe for referral marketing".

Don't build it!

Every business that is serious about user and revenue growth must integrate some form of customer referral program. Countless businesses have proven this over and over again, from Airbnb and Uber to Dropbox.

However, even those businesses who do recognize the importance of having a referral program usually end up building it in house from scratch. What happens is that they hugely understimate the unnecessary engineering effort required to build and maintain it. This focus on non-core features soon becomes a distraction, wasting the most important resource: their time.

As Marc Kuo (Routific Founder) has famously written:

"Reinventing wheels is most certainly a waste of time."

What if there was a better way?
It turns out there is. The obvious advantage of using an API over building everything from scratch is that 98% of what you want to do has already been done by someone else. Someone who has figured out the optimal settings and tested them in a huge variety of different scenarios.

You would never build a payment system from scratch, would you? You would use Stripe, focusing on your core business. At Maître (the company behind Virapi) we have hosted thousands of referral programs and collected over 5 million emails. You can trust us we have seen them all ;)

Virapi is here to allow you to embed a referral program into your app in minutes, eliminating unnecessary complexity and focusing instead on semplicity and flexibility. Our API is built for scale & speed. It comes with in-depth analytics and support for endless integration with other tools. No need to write code for each step. Get running in half a sprint using only a few API calls. And we manage the infrastructure for you! So you can finally reward your customers for spreading the word about your business and grow like you have never done before

Built and mantained by Maître